My Story – Who is Jean-Serge Gagnon?

I bet you’ve seen me all over and want to know who I am.

Welcome to this episode and hopefully I’ll cover what you are wondering.

I’ll talk about where I lived and how I grew up as well as how I got to where I am today online.

I’m not sure it’s all connected to my online journey, but let’s get started.

Where did I grow up?

I’m a French Canadian and was born in a small town called Sept-Iles in Quebec, Canada.

I lived there until I was 6. After that we lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, North Syndney, Nova Scotia and finally my teenage years were in Gatineau, Quebec.

My parents were both educators, my father was principal in a school and later a french teacher in the governemtn and my mother did that as well.

I think the fact they were teachers is why I always had a thirst for knowledge and learned early how money works.

My family

I have a gorgeous wife and 4 beautiful daughters.

I’m also a grandfather to 4 wondering…

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