What is simplest way to setup email follow up to opt-in offer?

They say you need to create story based email sequences.

I’m not going to say I disagree because it’s certainly best if you can.

But what I will tell you is that until you get good at creating those types of emails, you can still grow an email list using a simpler approach.

Personally, I’ve done this a few times with different lists and it’s worked well.

Where do you start?

Obviously, you’ll need an offer for your opt-in but I’m sure you know that.

I’ll assume you already have one – but if not, you can check out on of my previous posts Course Income Secrets #370 – How to create a simple eBook to grow your Facebook group? at cis370.jsgagnon.com on how to create a simple 1 page eBook with Canva.

I created a few different offers in the past using the idea of tips, secrets or steps.

For example, my very first eBook was about monetizing your passion, then I created one on simple strategies to attract your customers, another on getting their number…

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