What is the Real Secret to Growing your Know Like Trust factor?

As secrets go for online marketing, this is probably one of the best and less known.

Sure, you know that someone needs to trust you before they’ll buy from you, right?

I mean, do you buy anything from anyone you don’t trust? Think about it, no you don’t.

So, why would anyone buy anything from you if they don’t trust you.

What do marketers do to sell?

The thing is that when we get started online, we learn this truth but we’re also told that it’s a numbers game.

That’s why you see many spamming you messages and asking you to check their stuff out.

Or, you’ll see their ad every 2 seconds in your feed because they know that if you see it enough, it’s human nature to start to believe it.

Hint hint, trust is often gained by simple repetition.

Problem is that can be very expensive but it’s a great clue as to what the secret is!

What is know like trust factor anyway?

Maybe you’re not 100% sure what I mean by the know, like trust factor, so let…

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