How to Organize your Facebook Leads to get More Sales?

If there’s one thing all gurus agree on is that you can’t get sales without leads.

That’s why you find tons of people trying to sell you ways to get leads.

Leads are great, of course, but just having leads isn’t enough – you need to contact them and make them an offer before you can sell them anything.

On Facebook, it’s pretty straightforward to get leads because they can simply be your friends or people who comment on your stuff.

Why is Facebook not enough?

One thing that I found with Facebook is that over time, it’s always the same people that see your stuff.

Unless of course, you constantly go find new groups and make new friends and that works for many people but I just couldn’t keep doing that!

I had to find a better way.

So, I started looking at what was wrong with what others were teaching, at least for me.

My problem is that I don’t like to have to do repetitive things, but before I can find a solution, I still know that I need to do…

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