What is easiest way to Build Email Know Like Trust?

Many will tell you that email marketing is dead but that’s because they don’t understand it.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about all the emails they get, Email marketing is still the best way to grow your fan base.

Think about it, your true fans are the ones that want anything you send them, but how do they become that?

Sure, you could just be posting on Facebook and let that be the way your followers become fans.

The problem with that is simply that you never know when Facebook will disappear or, worse, shutdown your page!

I know, it’s happened to me when I had 23,000+ followers on my page! Poof – Gone!

Why do you need to use email Marketing?

That’s why you need to use email marketing.

You have no control over your contacts on social media, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or any other social media platform.

They own the data – they own the contacts – they own you!

This is the most important reason to build an email list,…

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