a video trying in vain to convince you that in fact being health isn’t cringe.

Session 1, understanding my health.
Wellbeing, much like the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, is a hard thing to describe, as it can be quite unique for each person. Generally wellbeing is the feeling of being happy, healthy, and to the same degree of grated carrot in bolognese, content. It typically involves living a life that is meaningful , satisfying, and enjoyable, including good emotional health, positive relationships, meaningful activities and overall general health.

How do you define wellbeing?
Spend some time… to figure out your view of wellbeing. Words, images, ideas; all those things that come to mind when you think about wellbeing. Write it all down.

Knowing what, well, being is, that is half the battle, knowing what creates and supports that wellbeing is far more fundamental. If you have the time… write down the things that support your wellbeing. Basic things like quality sleep (hopefully not because of this video), a good social life, and other activities that bring the above definitions of wellbeing along.

Wellbeing wheel
Best part about the invention of the wheel many millennia ago, most likely by a person who looked like this [australopithecus.png] or some say like this [IDK.jpg], was that you could use them to make pretty graphs. This is a good example of one.The wellbeing wheel. You can use this as a means to measure how satisfied you are with the general areas of health in your life.

Mental health: how well are you able to cope with challenges, when things go wrong, can you endure the consequences? How well are you able to feel your emotions? Are you able to feel anger, sadness, disappointment in healthy ways? A person’s ability to go through life with a level head, being able to feel emotions without letting them overwhelm them is a sign of good mental health.
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd talked about two ways one can handle deep emotions, by either removing themselves completely from the feeling, or by facing the feeling and using it to resolve the issues a person has in their life. How well are you able to use your emotions?

Physical Health: pretty straightforward. How do you rate your physical health? Do you have a balanced diet? Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking? And do you sleep? Physical health plays an important role in overall health. I believe it was Tony Robbins who said that the way food lovers can eat a lot of food is to eat a little bit of food for a long time. Moderation in habits leads to a long life of enjoying them.

Spiritual health: How well are you able to find meaning in life? People justify their existence in many different ways. How well you are able to find your purpose and apply your values in daily life will determine your spiritual health level. Peace within yourself, through whatever greater purpose, will assist in improving all areas of your life.
Career health: basically how much you like your work. Whatever activity you do in the day to stay occupied and contributing to the world. How well do you find the work? Is it fulfilling or is it…work? Does the work you do fit in well with the other aspects of your life or does it get in the way of other things that are important?

Social Health: No man is an island. Our relationship with the people around us is a potent part of our wellbeing. Whether you prefer to be alone most of the time, or prefer being around everyone all the time, we need some degree of interaction with others to be fulfilled. Your score on this part of the wheel would be determined by how meaningful you feel your relationships are, your sense of belonging, and feeling of support by the people around you.
Family Health: just like social health but with a bit of blood involved. How would you judge the relationship with your family? Do you feel connection and support from them?
Financial Health: they say money makes the world go round, regardless, how well you are able to manage your income to meet your needs? Do you understand your finances? Are you living within your means? Are you prepared for the future?

Once you have rated all these areas of your wellbeing, newsflash: I forecast a brainstorm right ahead. Try and figure out ideas of how to improve each area of wellbeing. It is especially important that you figure out ideas for the areas that have lower scores, but figuring out solutions for your better areas can also be helpful.

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