Let’s see how you can make money on tiktok 2022. [Beginner Friendly]
In this video, I teach you fastest 3 methods of making money online in tiktok 2022
01] with brands sponserships.

02] Doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank, Digistore24 and Shareasale

03] Shopify Dropshipping, using Aliexpress products (Creating one product Shopify Store)

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💌 Script that I mentioned in the video;

Hi (name),

I’m reaching out to offer a creative opportunity—I am a dedicated content creator that regularly creates content for different brands on TikTok at a discounted rate. (Insert brand’s product here) is a great fit for my daily routines, and I would be interested in delivering 1 TikTok a day for your brand account at a monthly rate of ($XXXX).

I can also post videos to my own account and provide you with a Spark Ads Code with 180 Days of Usage access at no additional cost.

Let me know if this is something you would like to discuss further! I am able to deliver the first video within (X) days of receiving your product and am open to your creative direction to help your brand take advantage of TikTok’s current trends.

(Your Name)

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