What is a Group Hacker and how can you become one?

Have you heard about funnel hackers?

I bet you have and you know that it’s a person who understands how to create funnels and learn from other funnels.

If you have been in the online marketing space for a few months, you’ll know all about Russel Brunson and his secrets books as well as Click Funnels and the funnel hacker movement.

Well, this is the beginning of the Group Hacker movement.

What is a Group Hacker?

Let’s start by defining what a group hacker is.

A Group Hacker is someone who:

– Understands online marketing, personal branding and social media engagement.
– Is exited to help others achieve great results.
– Knows that attraction marketing is the most efficient way to get people to know, like and trust them so they will buy from them over and over.
– Wants more than anything to see others success before their own.
– Is driven to learn all they can about marketing.
– Has a passion for something they beleive ca change the world.
– Knows that Groups…

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