Where should Affiliate Marketers grow their audience?

As an affiliate marketer, did you know you needed an audience?

Yeah, I’m sure you do but what you might not know if where do you find that audience?

Or rather, where should you find it.

The answer is, of course, it depends, but let me take you on a journey in the next few paragraphs of why…

If you’re like me, when I started, I just thought that it was a numbers game.

Just post links to my offer and a percentage of people who see it will buy it, right?

It’s not just a numbers game

What I learned over the years though is that even though it might be true that it’s a number’s game, we are no longer in control.

Let me explain…

There are lots of problems with treating any business as a number’s game but the biggest, by far, when building online is that the social media platforms control your actions.

I mean, if you could post about your product once and have all your 4000 friends see it…

or if you could post 1000 times a day and get get 4 people…

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