The Latin community is translating LingQ’s 60 mini-stories into Latin to create a public domain, freely available learning resource.

Many thanks to for making their mini-stories public domain for us to use and translate. This comprehensible input-based story series has already been translated into 39 languages and we look forward to completing our Latin version.

This project is the collective work of many enthusiastic Latinists. If you would like to contribute towards translating, editing, or recording, see this blog post for how you can get involved:

All work presented here is available in the public domain, including our Latin text, English text, audio recordings, and graphics. The only condition when we share this is that we need to credit for creating the original 60 mini-stories.

The ‘Salvē, salvē’ theme song (composed and performed by me) is also available in the public domain. You can listen to the full song here:

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