How to use Active Group Users to Attract the Perfect Prospect?

When you talk to any online guru, they’ll tell you the best place to focus your activities online are in Facebook groups.

And I totally agree, at least right now because that’s where it’s really easy to find the right people.

Problem is improving your chances that pitching someone will actually work and get them to become an interested prospect.

Sure, you could just randomly engage and get to know them by just keeping everything in your head and just leave it chance.

I mean, seriously, that’s what I used to do.

What did I use to do to find interested prospects?

Imagine this: you’re posting daily and engaging on posts in your feed and in groups.

You’re a really good Facebook user, you take your time to read the posts and comment on them and Facebook notices how much of a “good user” you are and rewards you with reciprocity and shares your stuff to their timeline.

Over time, you remember “oh yeah, this is the 4th or 5th time I see this…

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